Programming Languages

Posted on: 2022-09-27

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This documents intent is to try and provide an index to languages of interest. My areas of interest might be summarized, in no particular order as

There are so many languages that it is not very practical to dig deep into all of them. The intent here would be to find a subset of languages to learn well enough to implement solutions to some simple problems. When a suitable susbset have been determined, separate articles can 'review' what is found.

Languages Analysed

Systems Languages

Languages which are primarily for or have strong support for being used as a systems programming language.

Pragmatic Languages

This category is for languages which have a strong focus on programmer productivity. That does not exclude them all from systems programming usage, but that is not their focus.

Interesting Languages

Lots to learn from these languages, and perhaps some/many should be in other categories.


This section is for languages that need more looking into, and seem to hit the right kinds of priorities.