iPhone 6s Battery Fun

Posted on: 2023-03-17

My iPhone 6s has decided to go all in on not working. It had this odd pattern of saying 100% charged, and then minutes later it would be 10%. I'd be thinking to myself - was it really 100%? Perhaps it wasn't plugged in properly? Yes, I was being gaslit by a phone. Yesterday it went all in - it was plugged into a charger and said "it is not be compatible with this accessory" - huh that never happened before. Then it would drop to 1%. So I tried it in other places to no avail - clearly the charger/s were not the problem. Just to keep things interesting sometimes it would jump to 50% and then seconds later drop back to 1% and shut down.

Hmm perhaps it's not that uncommon or even. In my case the battery claims it's in good health (95% charge).

Ok lets try this...

First backup the iPhone 6

Now I'll try and restore

I get to the "update" option, and now have a page saying "iTunes is downloading a software update for this iPhone and will install it when the download is complete".

Okay... but there is no indication that it is downloading anything. I guess I just wait "15 mins" as in the instructions say and hope it's working. I don't think this is the amazing Apple UI experience I've heard so much about.

If I go into "Activity Manager", and the Network tab I can see iTunes is receiving a lot of packets, so maybe, hopefully it is actually downloading.

That eventually completed, and now I no longer get the odd "incompatible with accessory" message. I also get the little charging icon, and the charge appears to be on the up. Time will tell if this actually worked...