Trump: The List

Posted on: 2020-02-08

This list, even on the day I'm publishing it, I could add multiple new things. (Say like the retaliation against Vindman). Pretty much every day there is something worthy of his removal.

I believe impeachment was necessary. The Democrats had no other alternative in the face of abuse of power in interfering with the election. It was also necessary for Republicans to go on record on their position. No weaseling out of it. With one exception they showed they are the party of Trump. That there is no depth they will not sink to, to support their obviously corrupt leader. Including holding a sham trial presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court no less. This shows several disturbing things - that our government and it's checks and balances are no longer working. The rule of law does not apply. That the constitution as an amazing document as it is didn't foresee this degree of bad faith actors across different parts of the government.

Some people may think - "okay it's really bad, but voting in 2020 will fix it". There are so many holes in this view. With the Senate Republicans disgraceful actions something that was a possibility is now being spoken about openly - that even if Trump loses it is quite possible he won't step down. Whatever the outcome it will be contested. Why is this now plausible? Republicans have shown via the Impeachment they are shameless. They do not care about the constitution, the rule of law, or pretty much anything else except their own power and/or hiding dirty secrets. Secondly if Trump gets removed there is a good chance he's going to go to jail without the protection of being president. That being the case what do you think he's going to do?

The list was cribbed from a post on reddit. I repeat it here to remind myself of how bad things are. Some items are worse than others for sure. In normal times a tiny percentage of this list would be enough for somebody to be removed.